Lee Salem has been shooting
professionally since 1979. In the time, he
has photographed parties & weddomgs
from San Francisco to San Diego, ranging
in size from 14 people to 1500+. Working
for Public Relations firms, Lee's photos
have been published regularly in every
major local publication as well as
neighborhood papers, national magazines,
and numerous magazines worldwide.
Some of Lee's clients include: The Los
Angeles Opera, The Museum of Television
& Radio, Peterson Auto Museum, The L.A.
Philharmonic, Pasadena Symphony, as
well as non-profit research organizations
such as American Cancer Society,
American Heart Association, and the
Guardian for the Jewish Home for the
Aging. Other clients include Universities
such as: The University of Southern
California, The University of California, Los
Angeles, American Film Institute, and the
Otis School of Art. Corporate clients
include both the law firms Irell & Manella
and Foley & Lardner.